TEXAS (ValleyCentral) — Planned Parenthood filed a temporary restraining order against Texas Right to Life Thursday night, according to its website.

The request was filed to stop Texas Right to Life and its associates from suing abortion providers at Planned Parenthood health centers under the new “sue thy neighbor” law. Texas Right to life is a Christian pro-life organization in Texas.

The law took effect Wednesday, along with 665 other laws in Texas, after the U.S. Supreme Court didn’t take action to temporarily stop the ban.

Also known as SB 8, it bans abortion once a heartbeat is detected in the fetus, as early as six weeks into pregnancy. Planned Parenthood said that is too early for most women to even know they are pregnant. Planned Parenthood said 85-90% of women who get an abortion are at least six weeks along in their pregnancy.

“Planned Parenthood is doing everything we can to protect our patients’ right to access abortion, including by filing this lawsuit in state court today against deputized enforcers of this cruel law,” Helene Krasnoff, vice president for public policy litigation and law, Planned Parenthood Federation of America said in a statement.

The temporary restraining order was filed under the District Court for Travis County by Planned Parenthood South Texas Surgical Center, Planned Parenthood Greater Texas Surgical Health Services, Planned Parenthood Center for Choice, and Planned Parenthood Center for Choice abortion provider Dr. Bhavik Kumar.