KANSAS CITY, Mo. (MEDIA GENERAL) — Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland, California, to Kansas City, Missouri, managed to drink all the plane’s alcohol, prompting the pilot to go on the overhead speaker and congratulate the fliers.

Raiders beat writer Jimmy Durkin was on the flight and tweeted about the incident.

“Announcement on flight to Kansas City congratulates the entire aircraft for wiping them completely out of booze. Yep, it’s a Raiders flight,” he wrote.

The Raiders played the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium last Thursday night, and Dunkin was implying that many on board the commercial flight, wearing Raiders gear, were headed to the game to cheer on their team.

He had to clear up confusion from followers who thought he was on the actual Raiders’ team plane.

“…I’m not on the team plane. Media doesn’t fly with the team,” Durkin wrote.

It’s not clear how much alcohol was onboard the flight to begin with, but the flight itself is only three hours and 20 minutes, so for passengers to drink “all the booze” is a pretty remarkable feat.

Durkin later told FoxNews.com passengers weren’t rowdy and just enjoying themselves.

“Pretty standard fare for a flight to a city where the Raiders are playing,” he said.

In the end, fans left Kansas City disappointed. The Chiefs defeated the Raiders 21-13, ending their six-game winning streak.