PFLUGERVILLE, Texas (KXAN) — A Pflugerville High School teacher has resigned after being accused of using a racial slur. A district spokesperson said the alleged incident took place May 12 and the teacher handed in her resignation two days later.

Prior to resigning, the instructor was placed on administrative leave during an investigation into the claims, the district added.

Senior Isaiah Thomas said he is the student involved in the incident, and admits to using a derogatory term directed towards gay people. Thomas said his teacher responded by comparing that to someone calling him another word, one offensive to African Americans.

“She could have at least said the ‘N-word,’ or could have said, ‘how would you like someone calling you N-Word?'” said Thomas.

Thomas said it upset him when his teacher used the full word, and that is when he went to the principal. He was then asked to write a statement about what happened.

“Some people say I’ve got to understand where she was coming from, but I just don’t,” said Thomas.

“She wasn’t using him against him, she just said, ‘you know, it’s not nice to call people rude names, you wouldn’t like if someone called you a derogatory term’,” said junior Christy Beaulieu. She was not a student in the class where the incident happened, but she is a student of the teacher who resigned. She heard about what happened from a friend in the class.

“I’m pretty upset about it, I don’t think she’s racist,” said Beaulieu. “I don’t think she has anything against anyone else. She’s really accepting, really a kind-hearted person.”

The teacher had been working at the school since August 2013.

In 2014, a science and physics teacher at the school resigned after the district received reports from students that Mark Stamp used racial slurs directed at minority students.