TAYLOR, Texas (KXAN) — After waiting a week for her doctor to respond to a prescription refill, Nina Newman finally called Taylor Primary Care clinic, only to find the number had been disconnected. That is how she learned the clinic permanently closed.

“Did she move? Did she go some place else?” Newman wondered of her doctor of more than 20 years.

Newman was supposed to get a letter in the mail about the closure, but says she never did. “Basically your hands are tied because you really don’t know what avenues to take,” explains Newman.

Little River Healthcare took over in November, to help the clinic during its financial struggle. A spokesperson says they hoped to make it profitable again, but it didn’t work out. The clinic posted a notice on the door saying they would close by June 25. Clinics are required to post signage at least 30 days before they close.

Newman says she never saw the sign. “You don’t plan for those things and it’s just a huge inconvenience.”

The clinic also posted information on how patients can get copies of their medical records, by calling 254-298-2453 or faxing their request to 254-778-2325.

But there’s a way to avoid the hassle. “I think it’s always a good idea to keep a list of your records at home just in one file for all the members of the family,” explains Dr. Alan Rashid with Austin Regional Clinic.

Dr.Rashid says without medical records, patients may have to wait for care. He recommends finding a doctor with online portals. “It’s often an application on your phone or on the desktop computer where you can go in and see a list of your problems, medications, you can even get shot records.”

In the future, Newman will make sure she has her own copies. “I will next time because it’s a lot of legwork on a patient’s part,” says Newman.

Even though Taylor Primary Care clinic has closed, a spokesperson for Lone Star Circle of Care says they’re talking with the landlord of that space, to hopefully bring one of their clinics to Taylor.