AUSTIN (KXAN) — When parents post photos of their children online, they run the risk of bad actors taking those photos for nefarious ends, according to Parents for Image Consent (PIC).

The group claims, citing research by ImageShield, that one in five people are victims of “online image abuse.”

PIC’s national spokesperson Cathy Pedrayes said the group wants to help parents keep kids safe and limit the damage such abuse can cause.

“If it’s grandma sharing the photo, maybe you’re okay with that,” Pedrayes said, “But if it’s some random blog that you’ve never heard of…selling weight loss supplements using your family photos, maybe you’re not okay with that.”

Pedrayes, a mom and online influencer, wants to strike a balance between not posting any photos and over-sharing. She recommends that parents talk with their kids about online safety.

“It has to be a conversation that starts early,” she said. “In the beginning, there might be more monitoring measures from the parents…because they’re trying to teach them how to be online responsibly. And that’s ultimately the goal.”

With Halloween next week, PIC is in the middle of their “Safe Selfie Campaign,” offering resources and tips for parents.