HAMILTON, OH (WCMH) – Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says that unless he is ordered by a court, his deputies will not carry Narcan.

“Basically, we’re not going to use Narcan,” Sheriff Jones said on “Primetime Justice” with Ashleigh Banfield on Headline News. “When the courts order me to do it, we’ll use it.”

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is the only sheriff’s office in southwest Ohio that does not give its deputies the drug.

“We’re not winning this battle, and Narcan is not the answer,” said Sheriff Jones.

Jones says he is concerned for the safety of his deputies. He people are often upset and violent after being revived with the drug.

Jones told the Cincinnati Enquirer residents often ask him why people who overdose are continually revived with the drug.

“We’re not winning this battle and Narcan is not the answer,” Jones told Ashleigh Banfield.