AUSTIN (KXAN) — A number of “Community Connections” non-profit organizations in Austin are still waiting for Google Fiber.

According to the city’s website, Austin partnered with Google Fiber in 2013 to choose 100 “social good locations to receive a free gigabit Internet connection that will spark social innovation.”

Of the 100 locations selected were several non-profit organizations. Texas Folk Life is one of those non-profits.

Charlie Lockwood, the acting director, told KXAN News that when the organization was selected, they were told to anticipate between one to two years to receive Google Fiber. But it’s been much longer than that.

“We’re all kind of waiting on something to happen,” said Lockwood.

In the meantime, he the wait “has meant that we have to delay some of our projects that really count on very high-speed internet capabilities.”

“Having Google Fiber here and gigabit speeds will transform what we’re able to offer,” said Lockwood.

Texas Folk Life collects, documents, and celebrates folk and traditional arts across the state of Texas. In doing so, the non-profit organization says it produces a lot of content.

“We would like to be able to move those materials around a little quicker,” said Lockwood.

Still excited and hopeful, Lockwood says it’s just about being patient.

“We’re hoping that when we do get Fiber installed here, it’ll really transform the speed with which we’ll be able to move content and share it with people interested in the folk and traditional arts,” he said.

For more information about this non-profit, visit their website here.