WHITEHOUSE, Texas (KETK) – During a news conference in Whitehouse on Friday, Allen West, who recently resigned as chairman of the GOP in Texas, said he is contemplating running for office.

He said he has made no decision on what office he will seek.

“Maybe something congressional,” he said.

Many people have encouraged him to run for office, he said.

“You don’t disrespect the grassroots people,” he said. “You don’t disrespect Texans. You take into consideration what they are asking you to do.”

He said he keeping his options open. There has been speculation that he would challenge Greg Abbott, for governor.

He resigned as GOP chairman because serving in the post and running for office could create a conflict of interest, he said.

During the news conference, he offered his assessment of the recently completed Texas legislative session and the priorities of the Republican Party during the session.

He said he was disappointed that legislation involving “election integrity” did not get passed.

“It was the No. 1 priority of the Republican Party of Texas, the No. 1 priority of the governor, it should have been something that was done,” he said.

He said it is “disconcerting” that the legislature had to be called for a special session to deal with it.

He said the Republican Party should have done more to protect monuments from being removed or defaced.

“No piece of legislation relating to monument protection, was passed,” he said.

He said although Texas Republicans want to end the practice of “child gender modification” but that legislation that dealt with this failed.

He praised the passage of legislation that allows people to carry a handgun without a permit. He also praised legislation that limits abortions in Texas.

It is “discouraging” that too many Republican legislative priorities were not accomplished.


His resignation s party chair raised speculation that West could be running for governor and challenging Gov. Greg Abbott in the Republican primaries next March.

West has been a consistent critic of Abbott for not being conservative enough.

West was named the chairman at the virtual state convention last July after defeating incumbent James Dickey. He is a former Florida congressman and retired U.S. Army Lt. Col.

He is holding a press conference in Whitehouse at 10:30 a.m. In a release, he said that he would be discussing the recent legislative session.

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