AUSTIN (KXAN) — Security at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is getting an upgrade.

AUS officials announced construction work to add new Computed Tomography, or CT, x-ray scanners at all four TSA checkpoints at the airport.

These scanners will scan carry-on bags in 3D, meaning that travelers can leave everything in their bags, including electronics larger than a cell phone and food, according to a press release from AUS. The new features will allow people to move through the TSA checkpoints more quickly, with more ease, AUS said.

How it works

According to AUS, CT scanners apply a “sophisticated algorithm” as they generate 3D images of the contents of a bag. TSA officers can manipulate the 3D image on screen to get a better view of the bag’s contents. AUS said this ultimately reduces the number of bag checks that are required.

“Use of CT technology at our security checkpoints is a win-win for TSA and passengers,” said Gilbert Almaraz, TSA Federal Security Director for AUS.  “We get increased detection capability which leads to fewer bag checks, and passengers get to leave their electronics and 3-1-1 liquids in their bags.”

When they’ll be ready

Construction to add the scanners is already happening and will continue through mid-April, according to AUS.

All TSA checkpoint 3 gates and the checkpoint 2 West exit area are currently closed for demolition and reconfiguring work. Work at checkpoints 1 and 2 East has been completed.

Installation of the new equipment will occur in a phased approach, with one new lane being equipped weekly over the next few months to minimize passenger impacts, the release said. Once a lane is modified and completes certification, it will open for screening before installation of the next lane begins.

AUS said full installation of the CT scanners is expected to be completed by late summer.