ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — It’s amazing how far technology has come, and for some folks in Central Texas, as it’s able to transport them hundreds of miles away.

Thanks to such technology a Round Rock student is able to be in class, without really being there. It’s part of a program that’s expanded across Texas.

Even though Zyan Ogiste-Hayes is 15-hundred miles away from her school, she’s still in class, thanks to the Kubi cart. It allows her to log on from her laptop in Philadelphia where she’s getting treatment for her third relapse with leukemia.

Zyan’s been gone about two months, but she’s not missing a beat. She’s included in every discussion as she can move her screen to see around the class.

“Rather a challenge she has to go through, just like every student in our class has something they have to go through and if they haven’t gone through a life challenge, they will in their life,” said Ms. Thomas, Zyan’s teacher.

Zyan is grateful for the little iPad that’s making a big difference in her life.

“If I didn’t then I’d be absent and I wouldn’t know what they were doing and I’d be sad because I would miss my class.”

Now, that she doesn’t have to worry about missing out, she can focus on healing, and getting home.

Region 13, which provides the Kubi cart to Round Rock ISD now has eight of the robots for use in schools. Currently one other student is also being aided by the Kubi carts in Round Rock.