HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — People in Hays County can now access crime and arrest data for the entire county on one platform.

It’s called Citizens Connect, and the county said its the first of its kind in the state.

“That could be anything from a traffic stop, to, you know, an assault or a robbery, all the way down to what our animal control units are doing out in the field,” said Hays County Combined Emergency Communications Center Director Stephanie Robinson.

In a news release, the county said multiple law enforcement agencies in the area have shared their computer database of crime activity.

“The system, hosted by Tyler Technologies, boasts being the first in Texas to have all law enforcement agencies in the same county sharing data on a single Citizens Connect platform,” the release said.

Robinson said people will have access to the type of arrest, charges related to the arrest and the date and time it happened.

The law enforcement agencies involved:

  • The Hays County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Marcos Police Department
  • Kyle Police Department
  • Buda Police Department
  • Texas State University Police Department

“This system provides the agencies with a more powerful analytical tool in their efforts to tackle crime in each jurisdiction,” the release said.

The county said it also addresses transparency with the community.

“Through this unified effort, Hays County and the other agencies involved are excited to expand citizens’ access to important data and to provide more transparent service to the communities they serve,” the release said.

People can subscribe to receive daily, weekly or monthly updates on “pre-populated searches on arrests and incidents.”

Users can also use the tool to search for data near a home, school or business address. The data isn’t provided instantly, but instead will be posted a day later.

“There is a 24-hour delay before the incidents post to ensure data integrity,” the county said.

With the county growing so fast, San Marcos Assistant Police Chief Bob Klett said it helps law enforcement agencies share information with one another.

“The same people that we deal with, our victims are victims elsewhere. Suspects that are suspects here might be suspects elsewhere,” Assistant Chief Klett said. “So all those kinds of things are helpful.”

For people new to the area like Genevieve Campuzano, it’s a tool she said will help her better understand the county.

“Is it safer? What areas are safer than others? What to be on the lookout for,” Campuzano said. “I think it’s a very good tool to have especially with kids.”

In the release, Hays County Sheriff Gary Cutler commended bringing the system online.

“The ability for local law enforcement agencies to collaborate and bring this service to the public is a testament to our dedication to our communities,” Cutler said. “All this information is now at the fingertips of individuals looking for current crime trends in their area and beyond.”