AUSTIN (KXAN) — The next time you land at Austin-Bergstom International Airport you’ll have to walk through a new set of security doors before heading downstairs to grab your luggage.

One of the two new exit systems on the side of the Barbara Jordan Terminal is currently being tested and should be fully operational this fall. The airport says the new exit system creates a secured one-way corridor for arriving passengers to get to baggage claim, ground transportation and exit the concourse.

The one-way doors uses a combination of automated technology that includes alarms, motion and video camera analytic sensors. The doors automatically open for people approaching but will sound an alarm if someone comes in from the opposite direction. If alarms are activated, the series of exit doors will not open until cleared by security officials. If someone is in the walkway when the alarm is activated, they won’t be trapped, rather they will be forced to exit in a specific direction.

The system, which cost the airport $3.3 million, also detects when objects and items are left behind such as purses or carry-on bags.

Similar exit systems are already in use at airports in Portland, Seattle Las Vegas and several others.