AUSTIN (KXAN) — KXAN is learning more about the family that neighbors said lived in the home where the Austin Police Department responded to a hostage situation.

Saturday morning, APD was called out for a reported stabbing on Bernoulli Drive in south Austin.

It turned into a hostage situation that ultimately ended in the deaths of four people: an APD officer, two other victims and the person police identified as the suspect.

‘What triggered this?’

A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, said so many questions remain.

“What triggered this?” she asked. “Did somebody just flip? I don’t know if it’s a mental health issue. I don’t know.”

She lives near the home where this happened.

She said a quiet family of five lived in the home where this happened: a father, mother and three adult children.

“We never had problems,” the woman said.

Now, she’s left piecing together what happened as she processes this tragedy.

“Within the past like 24 hours it really like gripped me, you know, the intensity of this situation,” she said. “I started crying because it really hit me.”