AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR) — The thought of visiting a haunted location, with its deathly air and eerie dark vibe, can be enticing to someone and completely bone-chilling to another.

The silence of a dark hotel hallway, or just the simple knowledge that someone had died in a tragic way within those walls, are just some of the reasons why these locations in Texas are forever marked as “haunted.”

The Driskill Hotel, Austin

There are multiple reasons why the Driskill Hotel in Austin is thought to be haunted. Tragic stories such as the one about a woman in the 1980s who shot herself in the stomach in one of the hotel rooms when her fiancé called off their wedding, or let’s go back to 1887 when some claim that the daughter of a Senator became distracted by a bouncing ball. The girl stumbled down the stairs in an attempt to grab the ball and died from her injuries. Some claim her spirit is seen throughout the hotel.

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Yorktown Memorial Hospital, Yorktown

One can imagine the ghosts and apparitions that are present at the Yorktown Memorial Hospital. The facility was managed by Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church in the 1950s and tales of the hundreds of patients that died continue to lure tourists in for a spooky season visit. The state completely closed any operations in 1992, but it does not stop the spread of rumors about malpractice and misbehavior that went on within those walls.

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The Alamo, San Antonio

The haunting stories told about the Alamo makes it that much easier to “Remember the Alamo.” The textbooks in school teach about the Battle of the Alamo in 1835, which saw defenders fight until the gritty end against the Mexican troops to keep control of the Alamo. Shots being fired from every angle resulted in the deaths of strong-willed soldiers, with their ghostly spirits clinging to those walls. The Alamo is open to the public and is one of the most visited “haunted” sites in the United States.

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The Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Centre, El Paso

The Plaza Theatre in El Paso became a great tourist attraction as stories of death and darkness have floated around the area for many years. The theatre opened in 1930 and established tales about a drifting woman in white, and a man in black. If that was not scary enough, previous employees described seeing human silhouettes running up and down in a flash. Anyone looking for a thrilling night may want to consider visiting this haunted location.

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USS Lexington, Corpus Christi

The thought of seasickness can warrant fear in anyone. However, the USS Lexington offers up more ghostly tales to allure a fright. Known as the “Blue Ghost,” many residents believe the ship to be haunted by spirits as they claim to see flickering lights and doors slamming. Tourists can visit the dwelling, which includes 80 compartments on two decks along with creepy passageways. Additionally, this 75-year-old ship was of service during World War II as the Japanese reported that the ship sunk over four times and continued to reappear, hence the nickname, “Blue Ghost.”

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Marfa Lights, Marfa

Random lights in the night sky can either be a beautiful experience or cause fear of the unknown. The Marfa Lights bring alien mystery to another level as red, blue and sometimes white colors brush the horizon. Many tourists have reported seeing these lights, but without a scientific explanation, theories of the paranormal circulate around the town. The whimsical mystery is all part of the fun!

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Hotel Galvez, Galveston

With guests coming in and out since 1911, there are sure to be tragic incidents that promote that haunted vibe. This hotel is reportedly the most haunted hotel in Texas as those who inhabit the place often tell stories of an eerie feeling upon entrance. The hotel is famous for the story of “The Love Lorn Lady,” about a young woman who in the 1950s would rent out a room and climb to the rooftop as she would wait for her fiancé’s ship to arrive. She learned that her fiancé’s ship had sunk which resulted in the woman hanging herself in a hotel room out of complete despair. In a tragic ending, the woman’s fiancé arrived at the hotel looking for her; he had survived the incident. Some claim they feel the woman’s presence within the walls of the hotel.

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