Young Texas girl receives gift from her favorite UPS delivery lady

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JASPER, Texas (KXAN) — For 6-year-old Parson Blue Herrington of Jasper, the familiar UPS brown truck means more than just delivery time- it signals a visit from her special friend. 

Young Parson Blue Herrington has already seen some tough times in her life, enduring a double lung transplant when she was just 11 months old. 

“Parson is easy going. She’s fun loving, loves going to school, but she loves coming home and getting packages from the ups lady,” said Parson’s mother Jennifer Herrington.

Despite her early hardships, Parson is an upbeat child with a huge smile. However, nothing lights up her face quite like a visit from her favorite friend dressed in brown.

“The second I turn on that road I’m smiling. I can’t wait to get here and honk the horn and see her reaction, she’s so happy to see me,” said UPS driver Tammy Patrick. 

Patrick started noticing everything she was delivering to Parson’s house, boxes full of medicine and books from a charity. One day, she got the courage to talk to Parson’s dad about what was going on.

“So he gave me a rundown of her double lung transplant, and introduced us. She’s kind of a shy little girl but she wasn’t with me,” said Patrick.

Over the summer, Parson had to undergo numerous tests but a special message from Mrs. Tammy got her through. 

“Tammy sat Parson on the porch, she said to her I want to give you something, and she took the UPS hat off of her head and she put it on parsons head and said UPS ladies are brave and strong and I want to give you this and I want you to know that you can be brave and strong like me,” said Jennifer Herrington.

According to Mrs. Herrington, Parson wore the hat through CAT scans, blood draws, and EKGs. 

“Tammy gave her the gift that she can be brave and strong.” 

The UPS also provided Parson a special delivery, a child-sized ups truck of her own as part of the company’s “Your Wishes Delivered” campaign. 

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