Southwest cancels flights to inspect engines

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National Transportation Safety Board investigators examine damage to the engine of the Southwest Airlines plane that made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. The Southwest Airlines jet blew the engine at 32,000 feet and got hit by shrapnel that smashed a window, setting off a desperate scramble […]

In the wake of an engine explosion that killed a passenger and forced an emergency landing, Southwest Airlines began voluntarily canceling flights as part of an accelerated engine fan blade inspection program.

The company canceled more than 70 flights Monday. It’s not clear how many of those are for inspections, but two flights out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and more than a dozen Dallas flights were affected. Southwest said 40 of its cancelations Sunday were for engine inspections.

Southwest announced last Tuesday it would be performing the inspections out of an abundance of caution as part of an existing program. On Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration also gave airlines 20 days to inspect some engines like the one on the Southwest flight.

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