Sketches involving guns, knives lands 7th-grader in suspension

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ROSEBORO, N.C. (KXAN/WRAL) — A 13-year-old boy was suspended from his North Carolina school for a drawing that showed stick figures holding a gun and a knife. 

On notebook paper, the seventh-grader sketched what appears to be a person with a rifle and another drawing that shows a car with the words “suped up mini-car.” The notebook paper had a total of six sketches on it. 

The child’s father, James Herring, tells WRAL the depicted images aren’t violent in nature and are normal. He also says his son drew them before the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“I see a guy in a race car souped-up. I see a tower that he built. I see him holding his gun, he’s a deer hunter. I see him with a magician and I see him as a Ninja Turtle… just expressing himself, nothing violent,” says Herring.

Herring says his son does hunt and the weapons they have for hunting are locked up. 

Herring believes the two-day suspension is excessive and sends the wrong message. 

“I drew pictures like this,” says Herring. “Any other person that’s of age drew drawings like this. It’s nothing to get expelled from school from.”

The Sampson County School Superintendent, Eric Bracy, says because of recent events around the country, they are being extra vigilant. 

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