(NEXSTAR) — Notorious serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer has been in the news a lot lately, after the success — and controversy — of Netflix’s latest true crime hit, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.”

A pair of aviator eye glasses reported to be worn by Dahmer in prison are currently for sale for $150,000 by Taylor James, owner of the Canadian true crime media marketplace Cult Collectibles.

The Netflix series, which had the most-watched debut of any Netflix show, has generated both buzz and condemnation. While the performance by “American Horror Story” alum Evan Peters as Dahmer has been praised, the series has been condemned by many who say it glamorizes Dahmer while sidelining his victims.

The site is also auctioning other items owned by the murderer, who died in 1994. Many high-dollar items have already sold, according to the website. The glasses are being sold directly by James, the owner told TMZ. The site previously sold a different pair of the killer’s glasses, the Daily Beast reports.

News of the auction sparked criticism online, as discourse over the Ryan Murphy-created show continues. Cult Collectibles did not immediately respond for comment.

“This is disgusting, history repeats itself,” tweeted Ernest Owens, journalist/editor-at-large of Philadelphia magazine. “Netflix done repeated the same issue that the series spoke on: The fandom of Jeffrey Dahmer. $150K for his glasses.”

Family members of the some of those tortured and killed by Dahmer have also spoken out about the show, including Rita Isbell, whose victim impact statement about her brother Errol Lindsey is depicted in the series.

Isbell told Insider Netflix never contacted her about the show, telling reporter Kelsey Vlamis, in part, “I feel like Netflix should’ve asked if we mind or how we felt about making it. They didn’t ask me anything. They just did it… It’s sad that they’re just making money off of this tragedy.”

Netflix did not immediately respond for comment.

“Monster” has been especially criticized since the majority of Dahmer’s victims were queer men of color. Dahmer has 17 known victims. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently published an expansive history of the victims and what we know of their lives. Writer JR Radcliffe explains, “The identities of the 17 boys and men Dahmer killed have frequently been lost in retellings of the crimes — lumped together as a summary of names, ages and last known sightings.”

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