(WJW) — Poison frontman Bret Michaels has adopted a 6-year-old husky named…Bret Michaels.

The canine was recently hailed as a hero in a story that truly gives us something to believe in.

On Oct. 16, staff members at the Nebraska Humane Society were treating three 1-month-old kittens that were brought in as strays, the organization said in a Facebook post.

While two of the kittens were doing well, the third suffered from flea anemia, meaning he needed blood and needed it fast.

Courtesy of Nebraska Humane Society

Agents at the humane society had recently done bloodwork on a 6-year-old husky at the shelter, named Bret Michaels, and knew he would be a perfect match for a blood transfusion.

The transfusion was a success and the kitten is on the road to recovery, the humane society says, but the story doesn’t end there.

The humane society posted the pooch’s photo on their Facebook page, stating that he needed to find his forever home.

Courtesy of Nebraska Humane Society

A couple of days later, agents for the real Bret Michaels reached out to the organization, saying the Poison singer learned of the husky’s “amazing story” and wanted to adopt him.

“One phone call later and guess who’s gonna be living the rock star life from here on out? That’s right! Bret Michaels (the man) is adopting Bret Michaels (the dog)!” the humane society announced in an update. “We can’t wait to see how he thrives in his new home. We just hope it doesn’t get too confusing when someone tells Bret Michaels to fetch!”

The humane society also thanked another family who agreed to cover his adoption fee a few days earlier.

Earlier this month, the rock singer paid tribute to his late German Shepherd, Phoenix, on Instagram.