INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN) – Momo, a male patas monkey that had been running rampant on the east side of Indianapolis Wednesday evening to Thursday morning, has been captured by authorities, officials announced Thursday morning.

The exotic animal is now being held and evaluated, according to Katie Trennepohl, the deputy director of Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

Additionally, Momo’s owner has been cited in connection with the monkey’s escape, according to Trennepohl. The citation specifically concerned Momo chasing and approaching members of the public in a “menacing fashion,” she said at a Thursday news conference.

Momo had first gotten loose on Wednesday evening around 6:30 p.m., the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said. Officials do not believe Momo injured anyone during the night, though he scared several residents in the city, Nexstar’s WXIN learned.

“It ran up in my garage, pinned me against the door, and I had to take a stool and put it between me and the monkey to kind of dodge the monkey away until I got into the house,” resident Bonnie Wright told WXIN.

A reporter for the station was also told the monkey was seen drinking a Pepsi from a resident’s garage at one point.

On Thursday morning, Momo broke into a vacant home in the Irongate Estates residences, police said. Officials shut the door to quickly trap the monkey inside then cornered him in a bathroom where authorities were able to apprehend the animal.

The monkey has now been turned over to Indianapolis Animal Care Services. He is currently being held under Chapter 531 at the Indianapolis Zoo for veterinarian care.

Prosecutors are looking further into potential charges for the owner, although a permit is not required to have a monkey in Indianapolis.

The owner of the patas monkey did not want to talk about the incident. The owner did say, however, that the monkey is doing well.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services is working to do an inspection on the home to ensure the living space is fit for the animal. At this time, authorities are unsure if the monkey will be returned to its owner.

Anyone who came into contact with the monkey is asked to contact the Marion County Public Health Department.