DETROIT (KXAN) — A Michigan state park plans to reopen its slide Friday to give riders more thrills at slower speeds.

The Giant Slide at Belle Isle Park had opened Aug. 19 with plans to be open Friday-Sunday through Labor Day weekend.

However, Belle Isle Park posted this message on opening afternoon:

“We are currently closed. We are going to be making some adjustments to the speed that we have seen users coming down today. Hopefully after our small adjustment we will be back up and running and the slide will be slower for more enjoyment.”

Belle Isle Park Facebook page

NBC News reports the park closed the slide “after some visitors went airborne on their way down the steep, undulating slide.”

Belle Isle Park said Sunday, it would reopen the slide Friday and run it for the next two weeks for a dollar per ride.

Belle Isle Park is on the Detroit River just east of downtown Detroit.