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Little boy shares birthday money with best friend in need

Spartanburg, SC (NBC/KXAN) -- A sweet, South Carolina third-grader saw his best friend was lacking some very basic needs and decided to share his birthday money with him.

Jackson Garrett noticed his friend Mark White didn't have a lunchbox or socks and wanted to help. 

"I had my wallet and I gave him $32 and some cents so he can get all that stuff that he needs," Jackson said.

The money -- a portion of Jackson's birthday money -- was mostly spent on Lunchables the boys say. 

"I thank my friend. I love him. He's my best friend ever. And I am very thankful to have him," White said.

The best friends attend Clifdale Elementary school and Principal Windy Hodge was all praises for her selfless student. "Just the thought that a young man would go to this effort, not for any recognition at all, just because he wanted to do something for his friend. It was amazing," she said. 

Secret handshakes and Pokémon cards might not stick around forever, but the lesson of generosity will go far beyond the classroom.

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