AUSTIN (KXAN) — Polarizing podcast host Joe Rogan of the “The Joe Rogan Experience” announced Wednesday he’s tested positive for COVID-19.

In an Instagram video, Rogan, 54, said he’d returned from touring feeling ill and, “I got fevers and sweats. I knew what was going on. I got up in the morning and got tested and it turns out I got COVID.”

Rogan said he immediately started throwing “the kitchen sink” at treating his symptoms and infection, including monoclonal antibodies and the animal dewormer ivermectin, which experts say has no effect on COVID-19 whatsoever.

Though some physicians have prescribed the medication, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned people not to take the drug for COVID-19 treatment. Medical experts and the Centers and for Disease Control and Prevention also say there’s next to zero data showing benefits of taking it for COVID-19.

Other treatments Rogan claimed to have used are Zithromax Z-Pak antibiotics (antibiotics are not effective against viruses), steroids and a vitamin drip for three days in a row. None of these treatments are currently recommended by major health officials like the FDA or CDC.

Rogan claims he’s feeling better but did not say whether he has been vaccinated. Earlier this year, Rogan said he doesn’t feel it’s necessary for younger people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. In his post, he went on to thank “modern medicine” for helping him recover.

Rogan says he had recently returned from Florida. The state currently averages 20,930 new cases daily and ranks as the state with the highest amount of COVID-19 rates.

In an episode of his podcast last month, Rogan said he didn’t want anyone with “ideological or physiological” reasons for not getting the vaccines to see his show.