AUSTIN (KXAN) — An Infowars producer testified that she believes Alex Jones, founder and host of the show, was not lying during his coverage of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting and that he was being “genuine” when discussing conspiracy theories about the attack.

Jones is being sued by several families of victims in the 2012 shooting, over his claims the incident was a hoax. The court previously found Jones liable by default for damages in this case.

The plaintiff’s attorneys first called the producer, Daria Karpova, to testify on Tuesday. Attorneys asked her a series of questions about Infowars’ coverage of the shooting, including several video clips from the show and a headline calling the incident a “false flag.”

At one point, Jones’ attorney Andino Reynal objected to only portions of video clips of the show being played, as opposed to the plaintiff’s attorney playing entire clip.

Karpova took the stand again on Wednesday at the Travis County Courthouse. Attorneys played or discussed several more video clips from Infowars: one titled “Crisis actors used at Sandy Hook! Special Report” and another titled “Revealed: Sandy Hook Truth Exposed.”

Karpova told the court their video titles were “meant to grab a person’s attention, so they can see the video” for more details. She told the court that practice is often used in “mainstream media.”

Much of the questioning focused on a guest who appeared on Infowars, Wolfgang Halbig. Karpova said Halbig portrayed himself as a school security expert with government and law enforcement experience. When asked whether she was responsible for vetting guests of the show, Karpova said, “It just would not be possible to verify everything.”

She added that it is her responsibility to “do her best” to verify their credentials and claims, but they can’t control their guests.

“The beauty of Alex Jones’ show is that it is a live show, it is not scripted,” she said. She went on to say they “give them [the guests] a platform and let the audience decide” whether or not to listen.

Then, the plaintiff’s attorney Mark Bankston showed an email sent by Halbig to the parent of a “murdered, Autistic girl.” Bankston said the email was in Infowars’ corporate files, but Karpova refused to confirm this. After a frustrating exchange over whether the company was aware of this email, she eventually said, “I’m not sure who at Infowars knew.”

Jones was not present in court on Wednesday morning, but he arrived at the courthouse that afternoon, speaking with KXAN and other reporters outside.

His attorney has called this an “important First Amendment case.”

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Parents Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, who lost their child Jesse in the shooting, were in the courtroom again on Wednesday. Their attorneys told the jury they are asking for $150 million in compensatory damages and more in punitive damages.