NEW YORK (WPIX) – Get. Out!

Fisher-Price, a company known mainly for its children’s toys, has released a Little People Collector set featuring the characters from the beloved NBC sitcom “Seinfeld.”

The set includes figures modeled after Jerry Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza and Elaine Benes.

“The monologue is starting, so cancel your plans, pick up a loaf of marble rye and grab a bowl of cereal because the Seinfeld crew is back in Jerry’s NYC apartment like you’ve never seen them before!” reads a statement issued by a Fisher-Price representative.

Each figure is styled with a prop referencing an episode or running theme from the show. Jerry, for instance, is holding a microphone, like the one he used during the stand-up comedy sets often seen in the earlier seasons’ cold openings. Elaine’s figure is holding the purse she would often toss on Jerry’s chair upon entering his apartment. George, as Fisher-Price says, is hoisting aloft a chocolate éclair “of dubious origin.” (The trash. He got it out of the trash.) And Kramer is holding a chicken leg, presumably from the Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant that briefly operated across the street from his apartment.

There are also several references to the show hidden on the front and back of the packaging itself, including a “Fusilli Jerry,” a marble rye, and a coffee table book about coffee tables.

The set is available for $24.99 online and at select retailers, according to a press release.

“Seinfeld” is the latest special-edition Little People set designed for adult collectors. Some previous collections include Little People modeled after characters from “The Office,” “Ted Lasso” and “Elf.”