Fetus found in Georgia wastewater treatment plant

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Fetus found inside Augusta, Georgia wastewater treatment plant

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Richmond County investigators, as well as the coroner, are on the scene of a situation at the Augusta Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Officials say a fetus with its umbilical cord still attached was found in the system.

Coroner Mark Bowen tells us they believe the fetus to be about 20 weeks.

What we know so far is that workers were doing work on the main grinder— a crucial piece of equipment that breaks down wastewater solids— when a worker found the baby in the water— so it’s uncertain how long the fetus has been there. 

The treatment plant closed its gates to restrict any access to the crime scene. 

The coroner says he has been working for the city since 1987, and he has never worked a case like this. 

When asked if the fetus was flushed, Bowen stated, “We don’t know anything right now. We are assuming from where it was found. We have very little details. We are going to consult with the medical examiners”

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