GRAPEVINE, Texas (KXAS/KXAN) — We’ve all heard of donating blood to save human lives, but now thanks to a partnership in Texas, dogs can donate blood to save canine lives threatened by sickness or injury.

Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas is teaming up with Canine Blood Heroes to help make this happen.

Veterinary hospitals usually have to order blood and that can take several days to arrive, if not longer.

This program will make blood more readily available right when it’s needed.

Dogs have seven different blood types, so this is bound to make a difference for Texas dogs.

“Dogs need blood all the time. We see dogs that are hit by a car or get into rat poison, have surgery, or maybe there’s an immune-mediated process going on and they’re anemic, there’s lots of reasons why dogs need blood,” says Libby Ramirez with Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas.

People in the north Texas area can get their dogs screened as donors and if they’re chosen, they could donate five to six times a year.