AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Miami-area condo collapse that killed 98 people could change how residential properties are inspected in the future. A KXAN investigation found Austin and several other cities across Texas are taking a “reactive” approach to building safety inspections by putting the responsibility to find problems on residents.

Experts are expected to draft recommendations that could “inform policymakers as they consider questions raised by the tragic collapse of Champlain Towers South,” according to a news release.

On Wednesday, the International Code Council announced it will hold a forum in Florida in two weeks to discuss recommendations. The ICC sets building safety standards worldwide.

A panel of building, construction, design and code enforcement experts, along with representatives from nonprofit, academic and private organizations will not look into what caused the Florida condo to collapse but instead focus on questions related to “frequency of inspections, structural safety, maintenance, and the application of current building codes and standards.”

Austin City Council member Kathie Tovo says she wants to start a conversation about doing more proactive code inspections. Austin Building Official Beth Culver previously told KXAN she was “very interested” in what will be discussed at the ICC meeting. Recommendations that are made carry a lot of weight and could be adopted by cities across the country.

The meeting will take place in West Palm on Aug. 17.

A full list of participating organizations is available here.