Baby becomes second in the family to be born in a car

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For the second time, a Florida mom of four has successfully delivered a baby in the car.

Michelle Caston says she and her husband headed to a Tampa hospital Tuesday morning after she started having contractions.

They thought they had enough time but only made it one mile before Michelle’s water broke. 

“You just heard like water, whoosh, fall out, and the baby fell out right with it right into the spandex,” said Michelle’s husband, Nathanial Knox. 

Caston says one push was all it took for baby Nylah Grace to enter the world — right in the parking lot of the hospital.

“As soon as she cries, I’m good. She did open her eyes in the car,” said Caston.

Amazingly, this isn’t her first time delivering a baby in a car.

Five years ago, her youngest son couldn’t wait for a delivery room either.

“My pants caught both of them,” said Caston. 

The family says Nylah Grace is happy and healthy, weighing six pounds and 15 ounces. In another twist, she also shares a birthday with one of her brothers.

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