AUSTIN (KXAN) — More self-driving cars will be cruising through Austin soon.

Waymo will be the newest company to add these autonomous vehicles to the streets around the city.

“I think this is something I can really get behind,” said Ayush Vajhala.

Vajhala said he welcomes more self-driving car companies, adding he recently rode in one and was impressed.

“I took a trip to get some food downtown and it was really nice,” Vajhala said.

Self-driving cars are popping up in cities across the nation, but not everyone is excited to see them.

“I don’t think I am comfortable to drive in one of these vehicles without a driver,” said Omar, who drives for UBER. “We are trying to do our job, but unfortunately the self driving, AI are going to take our jobs.”

Omar said he worries with more companies coming to Austin he could miss out on money, but he also has concerns about safety.

“They block the traffic, they don’t stop properly,” Omar added.

Videos and pictures of the cars stalling in roadways and blocking traffic have surfaced over the last few months.

KXAN talked to Cruise in August about these issues.

“At the end of the day we are not perfect,” said Michael Staples who is Cruise’s general manager for the Austin market. “There will be situations where the vehicle will experience something where it is uncertain of what to do next. So when it does not know what to do it is going to default to it’s safest action which is pulling over.”

Vajhala said he believes the cars will make the roads safer in time.

“It is a little unfortunate, but I still feel like it is part of that learning process that these autonomous vehicles have to take,” said Vajhala.

Waymo’s website says that, once operational, the company will be traveling a large portion of Austin night and day.