AUSTIN (KXAN) — A closure on MoPac could affect your morning commute, and it’s not going away any time soon. The exit ramp to Lake Austin Boulevard from the southbound lanes closed Sunday at 5 p.m., and it will stay that way for at least a month.

Drivers will have to take the Enfield Road exit as a detour. This is part of the MoPac Improvement Project, which adds tolled express lanes on going north and south between Parmer Lane and Lady Bird Lake. Planners with the Mopac Improvement Project say closing the Lake Austin Boulevard exit gives construction crews needed extra space and will help keep them safe.

“We are reluctant to close down any kind of ramps,” said Rick L’Amie with the project.

L’Amie says traffic studies showed the exit ramp is used less than other parts of MoPac. So when weighing the options, shutting it down for a month made the most sense.

“This reduces the actual time of construction. If we weren’t able to close this ramp for the 30-day period, it would take longer to actually do this portion of the project,” said L’Aime.

Drivers can take the Enfield Road exit to the frontage road and then take that on to Lake Austin Boulevard. People living a long that portion of the frontage road are not too excited about the extra traffic.

“The stretch of road which we’re talking about, which is Winsted Lane, which is the MoPac access road, is extremely congested as is,” said Mark Lehman. “This is going to be a major–and I wouldn’t just say inconvenience–I think we’re going to see complete total gridlock for a while.”

Lehman will be dodging the potential traffic jams.

“I think we’re all going to have to take alternate measures,” Lehman said.

But he’s looking forward to the end product

“I think we all realize, living here and living near MoPac, it’s the price we have to pay for the progress and improvement we’re going to get,” said Lehman.