MANOR, Texas (KXAN) — Voters in Manor will decide on three propositions named in a $166.8 million bond package this November.

Proposition A is the least costly at $15 million. If approved, those funds would be used to build infrastructure like water and sewer lines that would attract businesses to Manor.

Scott Jones, economic development director for the City of Manor, said businesses have already approached the city about planting roots in Manor. Especially support industries to major tech companies in the Austin area.

“Vendors, suppliers, future contractors that would like to work with both Tesla and with Samsung to our north and to our south. They’re actively looking in the area for sites available to build on,” Jones said.

Prop B’s price tag is $61,695,000 and would allow the city to build a recreation center as well as expand and upgrade the city’s parks.

Scott Moore, city manager for the city, said these amenities are needed for the growing community.

“As you get bigger, you have a need for more public engagement, more public meeting space. And currently, right now, we don’t have the space to do anything for the community,” Moore said.

Prop C is the most costly at $90,105,000. This proposition would allow the city to build a new city hall and library facility.

Moore said right now, the city’s various services are scattered throughout town in various buildings. As the city grows, he said it’s imperative that these services can all be found in once place.

“Our facilities need to be kind of in line with being able to provide those city services efficiently – one-stop shop type buildings. If we continue to grow at the rate we are, that means we have to buy more, smaller buildings and have people go from building to building to get some of their services done,” Moore said.

The city will have a public open house on this bond election on Monday, Oct.16. The event is from 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m. at Manor City Hall at 105 East Eggleston Street.