OVIEDO, Fla. — A man who spent 90 days in jail, arrested for cocaine, was freed after tests revealed no trace of drugs in the sample provided by police.

“I want them to restore what I lost for those 90 days,” Karlos Cashe said.

Cashe was let out of jail Tuesday but was far from thrilled.

Cashe was arrested after initially being pulled over for driving without his headlights on in Oviedo.

A police K-9 got the scent of drugs and police said they found a trace of pot and possible cocaine.

“That little piece of crack was under his seat thing,” an officer could be heard saying over his body camera.

A field test reacted positive to the substance being drugs but a sample sent to FDLE tested differently.

A document from the lab said no controlled substances were identified.

The state dropped the case.

Cashe admitted he had some legal issues in the past, but in this case, he said, he was tossed into jail, for absolutely no reason.

Cashe suggested police tested drywall dust from his workplace.

“I know there’s no cocaine ever been in my car,” Cashe told WESH 2 News.

An Orlando man said he was victimized by a bogus field test in 2015, claiming donut glaze was mistaken for meth. He’s suing.

Cashe’s defense attorney, Dan Megaro, said he only knows the circumstances of the test kit in his client’s case.

“It was definitely off in this case, I mean they’re saying it was cocaine, with the presumptive kit, and they send it off to the lab and the chemists say it’s definitely not,” Megaro said,

Police said if they have probable cause for cocaine they will send someone to jail.

“If that’s the best information possible, then that’s not good enough,” Cashe said.