LOCKHART, Texas (Austin Business Journal) — Barbecue is notoriously known for being a male-dominated industry — but 24-year-old Chuck Charnichart is switching it up, bringing her woman-operated restaurant to the Barbecue Capital of Texas.

Charnichart, alongside Alexis ToviasHaley Conlin and investor Joanne Irizarry, is set to open Barbs B Q LLC in Lockhart between late February and early March. The 1,350-square-foot restaurant is located at 102 East Market St. and is leased out for multiple years. Charnichart expects to outgrow the location, which can seat about 50, by the time the lease ends.

The journey here was turbulent, as the women endured racism, sexism and harassment, according to Charnichart. She did not allow the negative parts of the industry to deter her — instead, Charnichart plans to pave the way toward a more accepting work environment.

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