AUSTIN (KXAN) — Meteorologist Nick Bannin talked to John Hoffman, the Executive Vice President of Water at LCRA, for the latest on lake levels and the hazards they create. Not only for boating but for swimmers as well.

Hoffman said the last time the lakes were this low was around this time back in 2015, but he said they were built for drought.

“Thank goodness for the guys back in the 1930s that had the foresight to be able to see that we needed to be able to store water when it was wet so that we would have water when it was dry,” Hoffman said, “and that’s what’s happening in the Highland Lakes right now.”

Hoffman gave some tips for being safe while swimming or taking your boat out with low water levels. He said dangerous activities typically occur because people either do not understand the hazards or do not take care of their bodies.

“It’s really critical that people understand that there’s a lot of hidden hazards out on the lakes and that they recreate understanding that just because maybe they were out here two weeks ago, the lake could look very different now,” Hoffman said.

He said it was important for people to not swim, recreate or boat by themselves, and he added wearing a lifejacket was just as important, noting they were one of the best ways to save a life.

Hoffman said staying hydrated in the heat is also a key factor in staying safe while being out at the Highland Lakes.

“This heat is a killer,” Hoffman said. “If you’re out there recreating and you’re not hydrating, you’re putting yourself in a place where you could really be in harm’s way.”