GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — After approval from commissioners Tuesday, the Williamson County Veterans Services Office has the green light to apply for a state grant that would allow it to hire a driver to take vets to and from their VA appointments.

Director Juan Amaya Jr. said the grant application would ask for $300,000 to fund the ride program and provide emergency funds for the growing veteran population. He estimates that number is nearly if not already at 40,000 veterans.

“Being a veteran myself I feel that our veterans need to be taken care of to the highest standard,” said Amaya.

The county gave the Veterans Service Office access to a vehicle to help veterans make their appointments earlier this year, which was largely only possible through the help of volunteer drivers.

By securing a paid driver, Amaya said it could more consistently offer this service.

Amaya said this program would help veterans get where they need to go and on time, fulfilling a goal he made when taking his position this past spring.

If the county receives this grant, Amaya said it could be as soon as Nov. 1 that it rolls out.

He noted helping veterans make their appointments was a concern he heard several times during a recent benefit workshop for former service members.

Coaches with Combat Vets Boxing in Round Rock were among those that addressed county leaders at the benefit workshop. Their presence also to share the service the veteran-run free boxing program offers the community.

Coach Jairo Recheverri says programs like his help former servicemembers find friends after their time in the military. Many of which struggle with issues the Veterans Service Office is trying to make it easier to get help with.

“Some are suffering from PTSD, mental issues, TBI [trauma brain injury], some may be just having trouble after service,” said Recheverri.

Recheverri says he supports the county’s plan to make travel easier for vets, but people should also continue supporting programs that help them stay active and social.

“Every community should have a place where vets can get together and unite and not just talk,” said Recheverri.

Combat Vets Boxing will host its next free class for veterans and their families on Oct. 7 at 10 am. The gym is located at 3 Indian Meadows Drive in Round Rock.