LIBERTY HILL, Texas (KXAN) — With all the growth in Central Texas, the need for traffic improvements is one of the biggest concerns, but neighbors in northern Williamson County are saying no to a proposed road.

Some residents near Liberty Hill are concerned about the proposed Corridor I-2 project. The potential route would connect State Highway 29 to U.S. Highway 183 near the Burnet and Williamson county lines.

According to a fact sheet provided by Williamson County, transportation leaders are looking into a new route in hopes of getting ahead of the continued growth in the area.

Right now, the county is in the process of performing a planning and preservation study to develop route options that they hope would make it safer and easier to get around.

Some people living close by said they were left in the dark about the plans, and now they are organizing and working to have the route changed.

“We personally have three historical markers, two archeological sites and an old cemetery and the path goes right over,” said Melinda Knowles, who owns land where the proposed road would go. “When you are talking about a quarter-mile wide, you are talking one corner of property to the other.”

KXAN asked for an interview, but county officials said they were unable to give one. KXAN was told Commissioner Cynthia Long has received a lot of feedback from the community and has heard the concerns voiced about the study and several of the county roads in the area.

She wants to be responsive and ensure a process that improves information sharing and input gathering. She has asked the technical team to reassess the study constraints, gather more data, and do additional analyses on alternatives before conducting more property owner meetings.