WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – Williamson County EMS said Tuesday first responders and hospitals in the county are using an app to communicate patient information to area hospitals.

The county said the Pulsara App replaces radio reports and phone calls between paramedics and hospitals which will provide faster treatment and better patient care.

According to the county, the system will be fully implemented by the beginning of November.

Pulsara App (courtesy: Williamson County Public Information Office)
Pulsara App (courtesy: Williamson County Public Information Office)

“We are thrilled to incorporate this technology into the care we deliver. It enables us to promptly and efficiently notify the hospital of our arrival, facilitating a smoother process,” said Williamson County EMS Director Mike Knipstein in a statement to KXAN. “In addition, it grants us the capability to securely transmit patient information to the hospital, enabling them to activate various service lines, ultimately expediting our patients’ care. “

Dan Cohen, captain of clinical practices at WCEMS, said paramedic teams have been training with the Pulsara App in a smaller capacity before this larger rollout.

“Over the last year, we’ve had our people be able to contact our medical director case they have any questions about a specific case,” Cohen said.

Corey Ricketson, vice president of strategic accounts for Pulsara, said the app will let teams in the field send information like a patient’s name, condition, and even photos of injuries directly to hospital staff.

Ricketson said the app has intense security that will keep this information confidential.

“So this is all completely encrypted information and it’s hosted on very secure servers. For instance, if I were to take a picture of a car accident, I have to do it from within the application. It doesn’t come from my camera roll or save to a camera roll,” Ricketson said.

Cohen said Pulsara will replace current radio communications, but WCEMS will still have them in their arsenal as a form of back-up communication.