WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell said a county elections employee has been terminated after a programming error resulted in 18 votes on a sales and use tax election going uncounted.

Gravell said the error was limited to voters deciding on a proposition in Emergency Services District #9 which serves the Round Rock and Leander area.

He said the voters affected all live in a part of the county that was annexed into ESD #9 back in 2021 which was not properly programmed into the ballot system.

According to the ESD’s website, if the prop is passed it would allow the district to increase the revenue it gets from certain parts of its coverage area by 2%.

Accompanied by Williamson County Sheriff Mike Gleason and attorney for ESD #9 Ken Campbell, Gravell said a voter brought this to the county’s attention after they noticed they did not have the proposition on their ballot.

Gravell said the county has checked other elections on the ballot and that no similar issues have been found. He said the county will continue to double-check all its election results through November 7.

“I’m resolved to use all of our county resources at our disposal to ensure that this does not happen again to a Williamson County voter. This mistake was caused by human error and this individual responsible no longer works for the county,” Gravell said.

Moving forward, the county said the 879 voters that can vote on the sales and use tax election for ESD #9 will be able to do so on its own separate ballot. Gravell said the results of that race will be tabulated on its own machine on election night.

The county said a phone bank has been set up to answer questions for impacted voters regarding the ESD 9 sales and use tax election. That information can be found by calling 512-943-3820.