GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — With the population of Williamson County growing, so is the number of courts to handle the increase of family and jury trials.

This fall, the 480th District Court is expected to start hearing cases, later followed by the debut of County Court at Law No. 5 in 2023.

At Tuesday’s commissioners court meeting on the 2023 budget proposal, it was said the combined cost of the two courts was just under $1 million.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell said much consideration goes into setting the budget for the fiscal year, and the need for the new courts is apparent. Over the years, the county has added other staff a little at a time to accommodate the increasing caseload.

“In my three and a half years, just in our justice center alone, we’ve added 42 new employees,” said Gravell.

County Court at Law No. 4 Judge John McMaster agreed the massive growth of the county has increased the numbers of cases he sees. The last court added was his 16 years ago; McMaster said he’s elated to have some cases taken off his plate.

“We need the help, and we’re very grateful for it,” said McMaster.