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LIBERTY HILL, Texas (KXAN) — A Liberty Hill ISD elementary school apologized to parents in a letter after a delay in communication led to misinformation about a student’s “inappropriate” comment, according to a letter from the school.

A student at Santa Rita Elementary School told a student there was a gun in their backpack, and the letter said the student then told a teacher.

After a three-hour investigation involving Liberty Hill ISD police, the student did not have a gun or access to a gun at home, the letter said. Furthermore, the school said, “at no time did this student threaten to harm anyone.”

“We apologize that the lack of communication in this incident led to misinformation and created concern for the SRE community,” the letter said.

To read the letter in full, see the document below:

The student was then turned over to the administration to work with the child’s parents to determine the consequences based on the LHISD Student Code of Conduct.

“If a credible threat is ever made or if a weapon is found on campus we would implement the appropriate security measures and provide immediate communication to our families,” the letter states.