ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Neighbors who live near Round Rock’s newest music venue want acts to keep it down.

According to the City of Round Rock, noise complaints from people in two neighborhoods near the venue on Interstate 35 came in during the first two weekends it was open.

City officials said people in the Hidden Glen and Glen Wood neighborhoods, located southwest of Round Rock Amp, sent them in complaining about noise from concerts on April 1-2 featuring Cody Jinks and a concert with Snoop Dogg on April 8.

“Nobody wants to shut ’em down, but we have a job to find the right balance between quality of life and entertainment,” Round Rock Mayor Craig Morgan said.

Officials said more complaints came in after the Snoop Dogg concert. A total of 58 calls for noise complaints came into the city regarding noise from the concert. The city said it got more calls about that than the previous weekend from the Cody Jinks concerts.

“Clearly we had some complaints from neighbors,” Morgan explained. “A lot of that was due to the heavy base that the concert projected, which went to a number of our neighborhoods.”

“The City shared with Round Rock Amp the concerns we’ve received and gave them an overview of the areas impacted these last two weekends,” the city said in a statement to KXAN. “As a result of this meeting, Round Rock Amp is looking into ways to mitigate noise levels impacting the neighborhoods.”

The music venue is run by the owners of the former Nutty Brown Cafe and Amphitheater near the Travis-Hays County line between Austin and Dripping Springs. Owners told the city the venue-opening shows were “outliers.”

“Round Rock Amp is looking into ways to mitigate noise levels impacting the neighborhoods. They also explained that, based on their experience in the music industry and at their prior location, their first two acts were outliers compared to the majority of their shows, which will be composed of less bass-heavy acts and smaller crowds,” the city said.

The city said even with all the complaints, the music venue isn’t breaking any ordinances regarding noise levels. It does, however, fall under a more “restrictive” ordinance than other entertainment venues like Dell Diamond, for example, due to its location.

City officials said they are working with both venue owners and neighbors to figure out a compromise.

“The City is in communication with the venue owner and will continue moving forward. Additionally, we continue to be in communication with the neighborhoods as we evaluate potential solutions to help mitigate the sound,” the city said.

John Michael Montgomery and Clay Walker are the next acts scheduled to play at Round Rock Amp on April 22.

The city said if the complaints continue coming in, they may hire an environmental sound engineer to assess the situation.