Editor’s Note: The video above shows KXAN Live’s top headlines for Aug. 4, 2023

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — The Williamson County Fire Chief’s Association said the Williamson County Wildfire Task Force Regional Procedure, established in March, was a way to streamline requests for additional resources at wildfires.

“Mutual cooperation has always been a priority for Williamson County first responders, but never so much as during the summer wildfire season from August through October,” Williamson County said.

According to a release, the procedure breaks the county into four quadrants, with the dividing lines being Interstate 35 and State Highway 29.

“When a wildfire occurs in one quadrant that requires additional resources for the response, a task force from a different quadrant is activated to respond,” the county said.

According to the release, a Task Force consisted of three Type-6 engines from paid fire departments, one Type-6 engine from a volunteer fire department, one tender, one ambulance, one Type-1 Engine and the closest battalion chief.

“This task force greatly enhances our firefighting capabilities within the region, providing an elevated level of protection to our communities,” said Round Rock Fire Department Chief Shane Glaiser, who is also the head of the Williamson County Fire Chief’s Association. “It also offers invaluable on-the-ground experience for our crews to be better prepared to serve our own residents.”