TAYLOR, Texas (KXAN) — City of Taylor leaders said interest from businesses that supply or distribute elements that would support production at Samsung’s semiconductor plant has increased in recent months.

Taylor Mayor Brandt Rydell said those businesses include companies that make components crucial to the making of microchips.

Rydell was among Williamson County and Austin business leaders that traveled to South Korea last month for business partnerships between the country and Central Texas.

On that trip, iMarket Korea, a distributor of semiconductor components, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Rydell and the City of Taylor.

While this MOU signing was mostly symbolic, Rydell said the company has started planting its roots in the city.

“They’ve already acquired 44 acres in Taylor, but I think they’re looking for even a greater presence with this Taylor technology park that they have envisioned,” Rydell said.

Mark Thomas, president and CEO of the Taylor Economic Development Corporation, said this potential business park development is aimed to be a hub for support businesses to the Samsung site.

“This would be a business park for Samsung suppliers to come and land in. And, you know, that’s as I’ve worked with the Samsung suppliers, that’s what they’re looking for,” Thomas said.

Thomas said the EDC is working to connect interested companies with the land that fits their needs. He made mention of the RCR Taylor Logistics Park just a few miles from the Samsung plant – this site would provide access to railroad transit, something Thomas said some suppliers would need.

While he could not say what businesses have their eyes set on Taylor, Thomas said news on future projects could come as soon as this summer.

“Projects are never announced until the company is ready to announce. We hope that within the next 90 days, 120 days that some of those companies will be ready to announce,” Thomas said.