GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — Crisis counselors are available all week for students at Stony Point High School in Round Rock. The district confirms one of its teenaged students died after jumping from the cliffs on Lake Georgetown on Sunday.  Police confirmed to KXAN that 16-year-old Edwin Baker did not surface and was rescued by first responders before being pronounced dead.

In light of that tragedy and with Memorial Day right around the corner, lake management is doubling its staff to ensure continued safety and awareness on the lake.  

For the Garrett family, days on Lake Georgetown are what memories are made of. For them, like many, Lake Georgetown is a hidden gem. But they are usually close to shore, with life jackets — staying away from the cliffs, a spot known for people jumping over the edge for fun.  

“We definitely have friends that do it, but we don’t let our kids do it, because we don’t know what’s in that area of the water and if it’s safe,” said Jason Garrett. 

Ethan Paul lives nearby and said cliff jumping is a common activity, at least among teens. But because of the possible dangers linked to jumping, the high school junior is advocating for change. 

“Maybe [there should be] protective structures just to make it more difficult for that kind of thing to happen … tall fences would make people think twice,” Paul said.  

Scott Blank is with the Army Corps of Engineers, the agency that oversees Lake Georgetown. He said while cliff jumping is common, deadly accidents are rare. 

“It’s been quite a few years now, probably five or six, since we have had an incident like this happen,” Blank said. He said there is signage, and it is illegal to jump off the cliffs. He just doubled staff to ensure that rule is enforced headed into the busy months of the summer. 

There are three parks on Lake Georgetown: Cedar Breaks Park, Jim Hogg Park and Russell Park. All are operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers