ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Round Rock ISD board member Danielle Weston went on Steve Bannon’s popular right-leaning ‘War Room’ podcast Thanksgiving to ask viewers for donations, which she says are to help with the financial burden of hiring an attorney after her cohorts moved to censure her.

“Ma’am why are they hating on you down in Texas? Why are these school boards and school districts hating on you?” Bannon started the conversation.

Weston’s response: “Well, I’ll tell you what, they’re hating on me because I am representing parents.”

A court order temporarily blocked Round Rock ISD from censuring Weston and her fellow board member, Mary Bone, during a late September board meeting. The remaining board members put forward the motion after a meeting on masks a few weeks prior got out of hand and was cut short.

“This school board is out of control and they are coming after me because back in September they would not let parents into a school board meeting,” Weston said on the podcast. “They only let in 18 people so I interrupted the meeting and I said ‘You’re going to let these people in. This is ridiculous.’

Weston walked out of that meeting in protest after parents became verbally upset at the available space in the meeting on whether the district would implement a mask policy. At least one person was removed from the meeting by police and less than an hour later it was abruptly ended.

A spokesperson for RRISD said there were only so many chairs in the room because of the district’s COVID-19 policy. People who did not fit in the meeting room had the option to sit in a nearby overflow room.

That meeting was rescheduled at a larger venue and the school board ended up passing a mask mandate, which is still in place.

Being censured, in this situation, would mean Weston and Bone would not be able to use district funding without approval from the other members, would be referred to as censured board member on all district websites and communications and would not be able to visit school property in a board member capacity without approval, among other things.

Weston asked viewers to support her fighting back against being censured.

“I’ve had to hire a lawyer at great expense to myself and my family,” said Weston. “This has been very financially punitive, Steve.”