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Round Rock to consider banning truck traffic in one neighborhood

ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — The Round Rock City Council will consider an ordinance this week that would prohibit commercial trucks from cutting through a specific neighborhood. 

The ordinance proposes that large trucks would no longer be able to take the portion of Chandler Creek Boulevard from A.W. Grimes Boulevard to Kenney Fort Boulevard. 

Over the years people who live in the Legends Village neighborhood along Chandler Creek Blvd. have complained about the large trucks causing problems. 

"You add the trucks, and everything gets very congested very quickly," Jason Spradley, the homeowners' association president, said. "I've even seen frustrated drivers take to the turning lanes and use those to pass these trucks, which then puts a lot of people in danger." 

Representatives from the city's Neighborhood Services division passed along the concerns to the  transportation department so that it could look further into the claims. Gary Hudder, the city's transportation director, said that investigation determined action was needed because the trucks likely used the neighborhood to avoid congestion. 

"Everybody's trying to find routes to avoid some of the congestion. I think that's really the driver is that there was an opportunity for some folks to use a cut-through that's a very well-worn path, to be honest with you," Hudder said, "but this type of [truck] traffic has arterial roads very nearby on all sides and so the goal here is just to force them back to those arterial roads." 

City crews already went out last week and placed signs on either end of Chandler Creek Blvd. to discourage truck drivers from cutting through the neighborhood. Round Rock police, however, cannot enforce the ban until the City Council approves the change. 

John D. Esparza, the president and CEO of the Texas Trucking Association, expressed some reservations with the proposal. He told KXAN that he hopes the City Council members will consider how this ordinance might affect the safety and efficiency of truck drivers. 

Cleatus Peake, who lives in the Legends Village neighborhood, said he wants to see the change regardless. 

"In regards to it being a noise issue, that isn't for me, but safety is cardinal for me," Peake said. "I hope that it gets approved and passed. We don't want any 18-wheelers in here."

The City Council is set to take up this proposed ordinance at its meeting Thursday. 

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