GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — Williamson County Commissioners approved a new pay chart for corrections officers and sheriff’s deputies, ushering in more attractive wages they hope will retain employees and improve their quality of living.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell said the county’s human resource administrators conducted surveys to find out salaries of nearby law enforcement agencies.

Judge Gravell said the pay increase is to remain competitive with those agencies – he said even in the last month the county has lost two deputies to a nearby police department.

“I do back the blue. I certainly expect our men and women to be held accountable. But you know what? They’re risking their lives to protect us and they should be paid fairly for that,” said Gravell.

Compared to the county’s pay chart that went into effect in February 2022, that salary was $42,153 and is now $51,000 – a difference of more than $8,800.

The February 2022 pay chart for sheriff’s deputies listed starting salary at $56,519.82 – that has now jumped to $64,552 – a difference just over $8,000.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Deputies Association offered input in the pay chart-making process.

President Charles Duvall has been on the force about 7 years – he says in that time, the rising cost of living in the county has put stress on deputies.

“We’re growing every day. You know, it wasn’t as big of a crisis, you know, two, three years ago, but now with all the growth in Williamson County, it’s becoming a big crisis with our salaries,” said Duvall.

For information on how for a position with the sheriff’s office, visit the county’s website.