GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — A comparative analysis of the 2022 Racial Profiling Report for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office showed that Black and Hispanic people came into contact with police ­­at a higher rate than other demographics.

Page No. 25 of the report stated the percentage of white, Asian, and American Indians who came into contact with police was the same or lower than the percentage of the same demographics in the 2020 census.

When it comes to Black and Hispanic people, the report called the findings “interesting” and stated the opposite was true.

“A higher percentage of Black and Hispanic [households] came in contact with police than the percentage of Black and Hispanic households in Williamson County that claimed in the 2020 census to have access to vehicles,” the report reads

The report stated the percentage difference for Hispanic households was less than 3%, which was considered “by some as statistically insignificant.”

Read the entire report here:

The overall finding of the report was that the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office’s search practices were consistent with national trends in law enforcement.