GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — If you head to Georgetown you can order a beer, wine or cocktail at any restaurant, bar or business within the city limits. However, the sale of alcohol only applies to the city limits approved in a 2010 election.

Since then, the Williamson County city has grown; most recently, in 2017, a 164-acre of land was annexed into the city. It’s a new development called the Wolf Lakes Village. It will be home to hotels, restaurants, movie theaters and grocery stores.

The problem is that when it was annexed into the city, it had been seven years since voters had approved the sale of alcohol — beer, wine and liquor — in the city limits. Because of state law, businesses could not sell liquor in the development unless voters allow it, and that’s where Proposition J comes in.

Those behind Prop J got around 11,000 neighbors to sign the approved petition to put it on the ballot. The proposition focuses on the section of Wolf Lakes Village, located at the corner of Interstate 35 and Highway 29.

It’s also an area where H-E-B is looking to build one of its biggest stores. The Texas grocery chain store company is behind Prop J as it would allow them to move across the street from its current location and build a 117,000 square-foot store.

H-E-B leaders are not the only ones backing Prop J, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce endorsed the proposition stating the move is an important step for the future of business in the city.

“Without this being passed, businesses would have a significant disadvantage compared to businesses just located a five-iron away from them,” said Barrie Laing, interim president and CEO of the chamber.

If Prop J is not approved, the area will only be allowed to sell beer, a move that is made possible by a 1979 election passed by voters in Justice Precinct 1.